TV / Video Production

TV / Video Production

RGk Media has experience in both the TV and Film Industry as well as Video.

There are currently two projects in development :-

The Assassination Diaries

A series about the diaries of a female James Bond / Bourne Identity character, a global series with a unique format based on a six volume series of books, The Assassination Diaries. My role is more of an Executive Producer as this already has the Director, Line Producer and lead role already cast and scripts. We’re currently looking for funding, co-Producers and broadcasters for this one.

Download a treatise of the project here The Assassination Diaries

In The Shadow of Mount Kenya

A fact-based drama series based on the memoirs of the Kenya Police during the last years of colonial rule. This was a very violent and turbulent period of Kenya’s history and the police were involved in all aspects of it.
This is currently in development. I’m looking ideally for a UK Production Company to co-produce it with. I have already approached some African Companies with respect to an Anglo-African co-production.

Download a treatise of the project here In The Shadow of Mount Kenya