Publishing Services

Publishing Services

Publishing is the term used to describe the dissemination of Content (either Factual, Commercial or Fictional) to the user (The General Public, Company Employees, Customers, Subscribers etc…). Though the formats of Media may vary (i.e: print, online, software, TV, Film) the Content is key. In fact Content is often published across a range of Media, not just one format.

ePublishing is the dissemination of Content through Digital Media, which includes the following :-

Websites vary from simple static sites consisting of a few pages with a Contact page, an eCommerce site with anything from a few to hundreds of individual products, an eLearning site or a database driven site for more complex uses.

All Websites are Responsive Design – that is they adapt their layout automatically depending on whether they are viewed via a MobileTablet or PC device and so are Cross Platform.

For Small to Medium Enterprises we recommend a Content Management System such as WordPress as this will reduce development costs dramatically.

Website Design can be broken down into two basic packages :-

STANDALONE – a one off fee for the development of the Website.    This includes training so that the client can maintain the Content themselves.  Telephone support is Free but any future development work is charged at an hourly rate.  We encourage the client to maintain an ongoing dialogue with us.

ONGOING MARKETING PACKAGE – a small initial downpayment followed by a monthly fee of £30  coupled with a Marketing / SEO Campaign starting from as little as £30 / week.

If you wish to discuss a Project involving a Website, then please contact us at Mobile Phone Application has, in addition to the games and educational uses, become an essential part of a Business’s presence.
The apps can be designed for use on any kind of handheld device, including Tablets, iPods and Phones, and are typically either an HTML5 web-based app, for when you want the app to be similar to your web presence, or an Android/ioS-based app, for when the app needs to include other functionality. It really depends on your needs

Prices vary enormously, but as a Ball park figure start from a few hundred pounds for a simple web-based app.

An App is merely an abbreviation for Application Software, which incorporates everything from Word Processing software such as Microsoft Word to Accounting software to a Bespoke application that performs, well, pretty much anything.


If you wish to discuss a Project involving a Website, then please contact us at


ePublishing (same as existing content, with links to the following Case Studies – Allied Dunbar / Zurich Insurance, Pearson’s Education, Macmillan Education / Andromeda Books) ePublishing consists of everything from the very simple, eg: help preparing a book, magazine or other publication for publication on the Internet (Kindle, Nook, website, SEO Optimisation etc…) through to the very complex such as an online periodical or eCommerce site.

With 20 years’ experience including Software, Internet, Apps, Book, Video, eLearning and Training Products RGK Media Ltd have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in this field.

In addition we have particular expertise in the fields of Science/Engineering, Education or Media.

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