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Established in 1998 Punch! Software is the developer of leading high end Consumer Home and Garden Design Products, and have sold over 3 million units worldwide both for PC, Mac and online. Retailing between £50-£500 these products bridge the gap between Consumer and Professional, CAD-based Home Design Software and can be used by homeowners and professionals alike.
Acting as their gateway to Europe, RGK Media Ltd localized their Products for the UK & European markets. US houses differ from European houses in many respects (eg: US houses are usually based on a wooden frame whereas European houses have a brick or stone frame) so the software had to be modified, in addition to the language aspects of the Localisation process.
RGK Media Ltd also simultaneously oversaw the subsequent localisation of the products into French, Italian, Dutch and German and having established a good relationship with Punch! in the US acted as Mediators and Programme Managers between the Companies.