Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

Mobile Phone Apps

A Mobile Phone Application has, in addition to the games and educational uses, become an essential part of a Business’s presence.
The apps can be designed for use on any kind of handheld device, including Tablets, iPods and Phones, and are typically either an HTML5 web-based app, for when you want the app to be similar to your web presence, or an Android/ioS-based app, for when the app needs to include other functionality. It really depends on your needs

Prices vary enormously, but as a Ball park figure start from £1000 for a simple web-based app.

An App is merely an abbreviation for Application Software, which incorporates everything from Word Processing software such as Microsoft Word to Accounting software to a Bespoke application that performs, well, pretty much anything.

The Mobile App is a natural extension of the software normally associated with PCs etc… but designed for use on Mobile Phones.

Apps fall into two main categories :-

HTML5 or Web-based : usually a version the Company’s website adapted for Mobiles, iPads etc…

ePublishing (same as existing content, with links to the following Case Studies – Allied Dunbar / Zurich Insurance, Pearson’s Education, Macmillan Education / Andromeda Books)